Car organizer

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Projects

Observation A: I am currently living as a single-parent while my husband is deployed.

Observation B: I am the parent of a 1 year-old.

Conclusion: My automobile can turn into a complete disaster very quickly.

Solution: Car organizer!

I used Simplicity 2553 for this project, and I am happy with my results. However, I would like to make several notes about the construction of this organizer.

Firstly, it will not turn out as it looks in the photo unless you use a very thin cotton fabric and either starch it to death or use a thick interfacing. The pattern calls for thicker fabrics, like canvas or denim, and a medium weight fusible interfacing, but the lighter interfacing won’t make it look stiff and box-like as the photo shows. If you use a heavier sew-in interface, you must use a very thin material or there’s no way your needle will get through all the layers. Trust me. I opted for a medium-weight fusible interfacing and a canvas material (with cotton contrast fabric). While it’s not as stiff as the photo on the pattern, it is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing regardless. This is a simple project that comes together very quickly.

I did also opt to leave out the divider in the back pocket. I frankly don’t see the point in it. The organizer is small as it is, and unless you intend to store exclusively paper items, I suggest leaving out the divider. Doing this allows me to store my camera, library books, or water bottle in the large pocket.


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