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Posted: July 27, 2012 in Brilliance!, Super Awesome Videos

The Raptor and I are leaving town for a week to go on tour, so it will be radio silence until we return. I leave you with a most amusing video:
Jurassic Park: How it should have ended (minus the raptor getting killed)


I recently viewed this presentation given by Sir Ken Robinson, and I was blown away. I hope you’ll take a moment to view this profoundly observant argument for encouraging creativity in the education of children. I am going to read everything I can on this subject; I may not be able to alter the entire system of education on my own, but no one can stop me from encouraging Kol.

Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity

How Delightful

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Brilliance!

Cross-Stitch Portraits for Sale!

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Brilliance!

Have you found yourself thinking, “My, I do wish I had a cross-stitch portrait to celebrate the uniqueness of my family/friends/zombie-hunting partnership”? Of course you have! Well wish no longer, dear readers! I can make your cross-stitch dreams come true! Check out the new tab ↑ and submit your order today! Right now! Do it!


The Raptor is genuinely, unabashedly mobile. He started crawling the night before last, but only when we weren’t looking at him directly (thank goodness for peripheral vision). As of today, he doesn’t care if we’re watching, though it rarely does us any good anyway. Kol is fast. Like, really fast. He seems to do a combination of inch-worming, army-crawling, and rolling, but he covers a lot of distance very quickly. I’ll post videos as soon as I have a good one!

Such a clevah boy!

The Velociraptor

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Brilliance!, Projects

Ah, Halloween. I adore making costumes, and this year was very special because it was the Raptor’s first Halloween. We were invited to a costume party, and of course I had to come up with something brilliant for him to wear.

Naturally he was a velociraptor.

To make Kol’s costume, I began with Simplicity 5720 as a template. I selected the romper style and assembled a tan flannel garment, making adjustments where appropriate.

1. I added a lighter tan underbelly by simply taking a lighter tan flannel and carefully stitching it onto the unfinished pieces. When I installed the zipper, I sewed through both layers of flannel, and voila. Dinosaur underbelly.

2. Raptors, of course, have stripes. I got a few sheets of dark brown felt and cut two stripes for the Raptor’s back:

I followed this as a vague template. Of course the stripes were added after the back portion of the garment was assembled. I did, however, leave the bottom portion of the back center stitch unfinished so I could complete Step 3.

3. Mr. The Raptor required a tail, so I cut out a large isosceles triangle of fabric and folded it in half. I then sewed right along the edge (leaving the end open) and turned it inside out. I used a small amount of cotton stuffing to give the tail a bit of volume, then sewed the finished tail to the romper.

4. The final touch to a proper velociraptor costume was the sickle-shaped claws. The romper did not have feet, so I made some myself. I started with simple cut-out shapes, then used a small piece of elastic on each side to help it stay on Kol’s foot. When the feet were attached, I added small felt claws via glue gun.

No, there’s no head-piece. No, I did not make gloves. The very recognizable claws raptors are known for are not on their hands, they are on their feet. And Kol’s lack of hair kind of makes him resemble a raptor as it is.

Here’s a terrifying new threat:

Raptors in sports cars! Run for your lives!

Delightfully enough, Kol won the prize for Cutest costume at the Halloween party, beating out some adorable contestants. He also appears to be ignoring the adage that one should walk before one runs, because he moves his legs like the kid from the Incredibles. He kicked so hard, in fact, that he tore straight through the flannel. No joke.

But we forgive him, of course, because he’s outrageously cute. And ferocious.

And philosophical.

Techno Babies

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Brilliance!

At a recent playdate, Kol and his buddy Joey had a spontaneous dance party. Check out those moves!